I'm Back.

Actually I have been back for about a week. Over the next week or so I will be posting pictures from the trip, so keep an eye out.

ZIGGURAT OF UR | Andrew Craft

Me sitting on the steps of the Ziggurat of Ur on my last full day in Iraq.

On the outskirts of Camp Adder, a logistics base in southern Iraq, is the Ziggurat of Ur, an ancient temple that is more than 4,000 years old. Built by the Sumerians in honor of their moon god, Sin, the rectangular temple towers over the flat Iraqi desert and can be seen for miles.


aNaY said...

Welcome home!! I'm glad you're back, safe and with your pockets full of photos and stories! Hope you're having now a relaxed time :-)

button pusher said...

Thanks Anay,

Yeah I'm glad to be back and relaxing. It just takes a few weeks to get back in the flow of daily work.

Mirza Subasic said...

Dude great great photos! Extra! Please visit my blog @ http://mirza-photos.blogspot.com

button pusher said...

Thanks Mirza. I will check out your blog when I get a chance.