No pics until my return

No more pics until my return in March. I'll post some images from the trip once I'm back in the states.


Philip Wartena said...

Ahhh man! I didn't get to see that other shot. Looks like your doing well, keep it up. Wartena

Tim Gruber said...

that sucks
can we expect a little humvee tv on your return>

button pusher said...

Sorry Phil you weren't fast enough. I had to take it down, because some people didn't like it.

There will be a little bit of Humvee TV, but not much since I didn't ride in very many Humvees this trip. They are replacing them with the beastly MRAPs. They are so big they have a motorized staircase on the back so you can get out. Everytime the hatch opens and the steps come down it feels like I just landed on an alien world.

Lianne said...

wut! afterall i've posting pictures on my blog to keep up!

a motorized staircase sounds like an escalator. crazy.

safe journey