Down by the River

A pic from today's search of Lower Little River for Roy Haddock, 69, of the 7800 block of Shortbranch Drive, who had last been seen about 8:30 a.m. Monday. The intensive search for a him ended Tuesday afternoon when a dive team found his body along the Lower Little River off McCormick Bridge Road.

Monday when he went out to look for and try to take in a stray cat he had seen in the area, according to his family. Deputies say his death appears to be accidental.

PAINTING | Andrew Craft


Deborah Lee said...

This was the first photo i had seen from your website and was the photo that sealed my decision in following this blog. According to the description, this man is dead, right? It makes me question what he was doing and how he got there It also makes me look at the deer and think about how it got there. Why is he wearing what he is wearing? This situation looks so interesting. There is so much mystery in it.

How did you take this photo? It's from above so you must've use a tripod or gotten high on something. There is also a slight vignette. was that something you did on photoshop or something your camera did for you?

Are there any interesting things about this photo that you would like to share? :)

button pusher said...


The guy on the ground isn't dead, he was one of the divers searching for the missing man. He was taking a break from searching the river. I guess I should have been a little clearer.

I took the photo from the bridge going over the river where they were searching. I sometimes burn the edges of my photos a hair.

The most interesting thing that happened while taking the pic was that I almost slipped off the bridge while taking the photo. There was a lot of gravel on the bridge and it had a short guard rail so when I leaned over to snap the shot I lost my footing and slid forward. Luckily I was able grab the rail without flipping over or losing my camera.

Deborah Lee said...

wow! thank you for clearing that up. This makes a lot more sense. hahaha. the slipping on the gravel story sounds a lot like what PJ's would go through. It makes the job a little but exciting, doesn't it? haha

button pusher said...

It does.