Dog Tag Chandelier

DOG TAGS | Andrew Craft

A shot of the dog tag chandelier in the visitor's center at Veterans Park in Fayetteville, N.C. The unique chandelier is forged out of 33,500 dog tags.


Daniel said...

Wahoo, surprising ! It took me one minute to understand the picture.

Anonymous said...

The dog tag exhibit is located in a corridor that leads one from the lobby of the visitors center to the exhibit room. The corridor leads through the service core of the building, which was architecturally set up as a metaphor for the period of service military members pass through. Tags are one of the few symbols of individuality for service members that, together, protect us. The exhibit hangs from a 16 foot tall space with clerestory windows on both sides of the corridor, allowing visitors to pass below the a light filled cloud of tags, also a metaphor for the ultimate sacrifice of service, to honor our veteran's individuality.