Rambo and his Cake

I haven't had to shoot many portraits of animals in the studio, and I'm glad I haven't because it is difficult to get them to stay in place and on task. Here is one of the frames I liked, of Rambo the dog.

Dog | Andrew Craft


Gray Whitley [+] Photographer said...

Great shot!..and critters in a studio setting too, wow! i did a couple of pet calenders for Wilson Daily Times, the best session was a two poodle set-up for the July month w/ 4th of July theme,they were surprisingly the best ones. The two poodles posed simultaneously on a flag backdrop, by miracle it took only 10 minutes or so, they were still and gave a few different "looks" - they acted like "pro model poodles", thank goodness. the calender cover miniature dog tried to bite and snap the whole time...yapity yap.
Nice works on your blogsite.

button pusher said...

Thanks Gray. Originally they wanted two dogs in the shot but the second dog was afraid of the strobes going off so I only got one shot of them together.