Gift to Michelle Obama

I just found out yesterday that the City of Fayetteville will be giving Michelle Obama a framed copy of one of my pictures. It is the picture below. Since one of her big issues is military families, the city thought it was a good photo to give to remind her and her husband, President Obama, not to forget those that are sacrificing so much.

When they give her the framed print, I will be there covering the event for the paper. So that should be pretty cool.

Obama Gift

Capt. Shelia Jenkins comforts her daughter, Khadyajah, 7, while holding the hand of her husband, Chief Warrant Officer Claude Jenkins, as he departs on a bus to his flight to Iraq, August 23, 2006. Jenkins is part of the 82nd Airborne Division Sustainment Brigade that is deploying to Iraq.


matt said...

you don't suck. that's a nice snap.

shawn rocco said...

that is sweeeeet!

button pusher said...

Thanks you guys. These year is going pretty good for me.
And yes it was sweeeeeeeeeet!