Barack Obama

PAINTING | Andrew Craft

PAINTING | Andrew Craft


Lianne said...

hey! what great campaign pix. must of been fun!! can u believe the turnaround in this govt? wow.
i haven't really been shooting anything of interest or interesting and i'm quitting my crappy job bc of my boss. and i can't wait. i'm trying to get into other stuff bc world of newspapers is coming to an end and i work for the lamest newspaper ever with the worst boss ever and i just can't wait to be free. i miss the excitement of newspapers but i was only an intern then. Andrew, you are doing a great job and i hope you are enjoying it!!

button pusher said...

Thanks. It was cool to see him speak and snap off some frames. We had just about every politician stopping by since we were a battleground state. But now that it is over we probably never see him down this way again.
When are you quitting the JOB? I still enjoy working for papers but it is sad to see it falling apart. I'm not sure what is going to happen with it all. All I know is that it is very sad.

I'm not sure I can do anything else.