Another Portrait Pulled Out of My Ass

Almost every time I'm assigned to shoot a portrait, I don't find out I'm shooting it till the day of the shoot, usually an hour or two before hand. So I never really have time to pre-visualize how I'm going to shoot it. Which was no different Saturday when I had to shoot a portrait of the Fayetteville State University quarterback. I just quickly look around hoping there is something to throw in the background and cast some pretty light on the person and pray that it will work.

Football Portrait | Andrew Craft


Logan Ryan Smith said...

you pull wonderful things out of yr ass, craft.

button pusher said...

Thanks, I think.

Emily Smith said...

Hey Button Pusher, I write a Fayetteville travel blog for the website VisitSouth.com. Our assignment next week is to write about local college football so I'm going to write about FSU. I'd like to use your photo to go along with the article. Would that be okay? I'd give you full credit, of course. Email me at fayettevillenc@Visitsouth.com if it's ok. Thanks so much!