Bored and trying not to smoke.

I was a bit bored today and trying not to smoke, so I put together a slide show of photos taken on my Holga camera during last years U.S. Women's Open. The photos have just been sitting around collecting dust till now. Nothing super exciting but it kept me from smoking for a couple hours.


Lianne said...

now how come my holga isn't so sharp as yours? i've got rubber bands around it to keep the back from coming off. these are sharp, clean, i couldnt' really tell it came from a holga. i mean my negs are scratched, the colors are swampy and not so accurate. maybe i need to buy another one. nice holga pix crafty!

button pusher said...

I'm not sure, I didn't do anything special to it, except put tape over the light leaks inside and tape over the edges the film rolls over. I actually think mine don't look Holga enough, they almost look like a picture coming off a regular camera except for the darker edges. Maybe I should trade you.