Two Dead Cameras, One Dead 70-200 and One Soaked Photographer.

Yesterday I photographed the Stoneybrook Steeplechase and it rained the entire time. Actually it rained for just a little bit, the rest of the time it poured. It ended up killing a bit of my camera gear, actually the company's camera gear. So I'm not too happy. Here is a frame from the event before the rain took my camera.

PAINTING | Andrew Craft


Le Meems said...

Sweet Shot AC. Congrats on killing your gear....what? You go to the middle east and the gear comes back in pristine condition.....go to the horse races and destroy it....ahhh...

Hey, whats your problem with crawfish? I've been gone for the last three weeks so I'll get back to it later today.

Key West. Georgia. New York. It was a long trip, but worth it.

pwartena@gmail.com said...

Whoops...signed in with my woman's email. Phil

aNaY said...

The only 'not so bad' part is that the camera wasn't yours and that you got great pictures!! In those conditions... I would have stopped shooting. My camera is my most loved treasure!!

button pusher said...

Thanks man. That is the first time I've killed gear which is kind of surprising but it sucks because now I'm stuck with the crappiest gear in the office. I have no problems with crawfish I just got tried of seeing it pop up everytime I went to your blog.

I probably should have stopped shooting, because I'm stuck with the crap gear. I wasn't to happy that my d1x died because I loved that camera.