Stand Alone

Everyday at my paper we have to find a feature photo for the second page of the local section. And usually they are a pain in the ass, so I stop at the first half-way interesting thing I see and try to make it work. Here is my attempt on Sunday, which I spotted on my way back from the Lady Guadalupe Procession.

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aNaY said...

well... your attempt really works for me!! and do understand how difficult can be to find a feature photo everyday....

Your last pictures made me think about the photography I like to do and the photography I'm asked for assignments and... I miss being free...

button pusher said...

Thanks anay.

I miss being free too... but it is a lot easier to pay the bills with a staff position.
For all my assignments, even the god awful ones, I try to walk away with at least one solid picture for myself, which might not even run in the paper.
Do you work at a daily paper in Spain?
I use to have a good friend that lived in Valencia, but it has been years since I've talked to him.

aNaY said...

No, I don't work for a daily paper. I work for a magazine publisher (mainly for a fashion magazine). I also try to walk away with at least one picture for me, but sometimes it is just impossible... That's why, from time to time I just make my own assignment and go free for a while :)

BTW, I live in Valencia ;)

button pusher said...

Working for magazines has to be a little more interesting than newspapers and give you more creative freedom. Or I'm I totally wrong?

I need to start going out and shooting my own stuff. I can't remember the last time that I just roamed around and shot pics for myself. It would probably help me make better photographs at work.

So you live in Valencia? I highly doubt you know my friend that lives there, since it really isn't a small town. His name is Jacob, but for the life of me I can't remember his last name. I'll have to look it up another time. I do know that his parents owned a furniture building company. I have no idea why I'm telling you this, I'm sure you could care less.

aNaY said...

I don't know any Jacob... but if one day I meet "a Jacob" around here, I will ask him about you!! :D

I can't compare how it is to work for a paper or a magazine... but most of my assignments don't give me any creative freedom at all. The magazine gives me very straight directions: a vertical shot, full-lenght portrait... so I can't chose moments or frames. Besides they want people to look always good... Anyway, I love photography and I'm happy shooting whatever I shoot :)

And for freedom... I just got a plane ticket to do one of my personal assignments again. That makes me feel alive.... and you should get back to your personal work from time to time. It feels good!!!