Blackwater Air Drop

The first story I shot in Afghanistan was Blackwater Aviation air drops. They used small cargo planes and $50 tarp parachutes to make drops of food and ammo to paratroopers along the Pakistan border. As we made our approach to the drop zone we flew only 50 feet off the ground going with the flow of the mountains. Seconds before they drop they climb to 150 feet and make the drop. Just as I was trying to take a picture of the deployed parachutes the plane jerked up and everyone hit the floor and I missed my shot. I just ended with shot of Col. Peterman falling in front of me and a couple shots of the floor. While we were laying on the floor the Blackwater crew member told me that we were shot at so the pilot took an evasive move.


Kevin Liles said...

Damn son, didn't even know you had a blog, much less had all this stuff from Afghanistan on it. I'll post a link on my blog and definitely keep an eye on it. Take care, brother.

button pusher said...

Yep I have a blog. I couldn't let you and Phil out do me. Actually I wasn't sure about it at first but I'm trying to put stuff as much as possible. Thanks for the linkage.